About us

We create incentives for a change of perspective.

We spread an innovative mindset between Germany and the rest of the world.

Our goal is to go on a joint journey with German startups and German corporates, a journey into vibrant innovation ecosystems. It is particularly important to us to accompany these journeys through customized programs focusing on the achievement of individual goals. We can only achieve these goals together by promoting the rich values and active engagement of our members and partners for the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talents.

Our vision

Our vision is to support German companies and German startups in scaling globally in vibrant innovation ecosystems.

Our mission

Our mission is to help corporates and startups gain foothold abroad, expand networks and run innovation activities, by connecting them with foreign startups, investors, accelerators, universities, and community builders.

Our team

Sathees Sabaratnam

Managing Director

Helena Sporer

Global Lead

Daniel Heinen

Chief of Staff

Carolin Weinreuter

Head of Marketing

Morten Wilhelm

Partnership Manager

Matthias Härtl

Project Manager

Jana Nothhelfer

Project Manager (on maternity leave)

Malte Wilhelm-Bachmann

Partnership Manager

Anton Scholz

Project Assistant

Amelie Rohmer

Project Assistant

Our story

20 years of experience in the startup scene and mentorship have led to our passion project GERMAN X.

Experiences from governmental, private and free market activities as well as conferences and exchange with local experts from Singapore led to the systematic development of the idea. Together with various stakeholders, local partners, corporates, governmental and private organizations, we were able to develop the project.

GERMAN X is a spin-off of the German management consultancy UPSTART GmbH. As a cross-industry end-to-end powerhouse for innovation, technology and development services, the company enables customers from all industries to grow and prepare for the future using the latest technologies. Synergy effects are utilized, whereby GERMAN X as an innovation bridge enables scalability of innovation for companies worldwide.

Our values


With our innovation mindset we break through boundaries.


As a diverse team, we emphasize a diverse network.


Respect guides our daily interactions with each other.


We are willing taking risk to participate to success.


We embrace a hands-on mentality.


Our business is driven by our passion to deliver impact.


Committed to our goals we take responsibility for actions.


Tomorrow`s challenges demand unique ideas.


With the past present, we are curious about tomorrow.


Affecting the change we wish to see in a global world.

Our programs enable startups and corporates to become part of an international network, think outside the box and explore new valuable perspectives.

Helena Sporer

Global Lead

For startups and corporates, it is valuable to gain new perspectives and become part of a diverse, dynamic and international network.

Sathees Sabaratnam

Managing Director

Addressing the needs of our members individually is extremely important to us. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

Matthias Härtl


The importance of understanding and discovering other cultures and markets is what we want to share with you.

Jana Nothhelfer

Project Manager