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GERMAN X is based on a membership program. We differentiate in three programs, ranging from basic and generic programs to industry and company specific programs. If you still prefer to build your own Innovation Hub, let us show you in the following calculation why you should rather cooperate with us.

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We offer you three programs.

Membership Program

Take your first step and gain a holistic perspective on the ecosystem.

The Membership Program is a basic program and offers companies the opportunity to gain a holistic and general perspective on the new ecosystem. The program is suitable for companies that want to gain first generic experiences in the target country and ecosystem, build network and partnerships.

Discovery Program

Derive generic ecosystem insights paired with company-specific glimpses.

The Discovery Program is a program with a focus on exploration. The program is suitable for corporates who seek to explore the general ecosystem, but also company-specific possibilities and opportunities on the ground. During the program, corporates gain new holistic insights but also company-relevant knowledge about the ecosystem.

Innovation Program

Establish a long-term presence and build sustainable relationships.

The Innovation Program comprises all innovation services as well as a hosted dinner. The program is suitable for companies that want to establish a long-term presence in the ecosystem, build sustainable partnerships and relationships, and are eager to undergo constant change through knowledge transfer. All services are individually tailored to the company.


Have you ever thought about building your own Innovation Hub?

We’ll show you why it’s worth it for you to become part of GERMAN X and take advantage of our innovation services instead of investing lots of resources, money and time, in setting up your own hub, which can take up to two years. GERMAN X for Corporates offers you a unique network, first-class mentors, knowledge-based events, and personalized services. Of course, we do not acquire equity of your firm.

We are ready the moment you are!

By joining GERMAN X, you can take advantage of a fully comprehensive Innovation Hub offering. You decide if you would like to become part of GERMAN X or if you wish to build your own Innovation Hub with us by your side. GERMAN X benefits from an already existing network of investors and partners, whereas the mentoring network is set up centrally and costs are thus distributed among central units.

Office, Infrastructure & Technology 80.000€
Events, Entertainment & Catering 120.000€
Network, Coaching & Mentoring 130.000€
Marketing 75.000€
Travel 50.000€
Location Manager 130.000€
Innovation Manager 90.000€
Sales Manager 70.000€
Trainee 18.000€
Overheads 76.000€
Corporate Innovation Outpost 839.000€ / year 180.000€ – 420.000€ / year

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Managing Director

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