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GERMAN X facilitates a smooth entry for corporates into global innovation ecosystems. Hereby our aim is to support the acceleration of corporate innovation and strengthen the global innovation point of view. To help our partners gain a foothold in foreign markets we provide strategic services and extensive networks. 

Our Services

Startup Scouting

Let us help you find the right startup that fits your individual strategy and goals as a company by leveraging our strong network of partnerships in global ecosystems. We bring you together one-on-one and provide additional support once you have found each other.

As such, we combine the speed and agility of startups with the expertise and strengths of enterprises. Startup Scouting keeps you up to date on current developments and future innovations in your industry and market. Informing you about trends, technologies and new players entering or disrupting your industry, we provide you with early access to new innovations.

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Startup Programs

Our startup programs go beyond startup scouting. Corporate experience is combined with startup agility. The programs pursue the goal of establishing a cooperation between corporates and startups. Together we want to accelerate your company’s innovation efforts as well as your individual innovation strategy through tailor-made programs.

To foster innovation in the company you can choose between Innovation Challenges, Power Innovation Week, Startup Mentoring and Corporate Accelerator. Encourage multidisciplinary groups to participate in an Innovation Challenge, develop solutions together with a startup in a short time frame, support startups as a mentor and learn from them yourself or look forward to pilot projects with startups from your industry.

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Ecosystem Tours

True inspiration comes from the outside, not the inside. We take your intrapreneurs and decision makers on a 1-week tour of the local startup ecosystem in the foreign market.

The goal, in addition to the ecosystem itself, is to meet the most innovative entrepreneurs and talents in your industry. Get an authentic behind-the-scenes glance at promising startups, learn how they work and meet passionate founders. Attend presentations, participate in interactive sessions, find investment opportunities, and establish strong collaborations for your future ventures.

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To ensure that an idea does not remain just an idea, we support you in developing new business models. We help you define, brainstorm, prototype and test your idea on the market and accelerate the process of developing and implementing successful innovations.

In collaboration with experts and stakeholders new value for your company is created. Based on your individual needs we develop customer-focused business models, concepts, solutions, products and services for the relevant target market. Let us enable cross-functional collaboration and co-creation by bringing together startups, innovation experts and other talents as consultants. Together, we build your competitive advantage.

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From design thinking, agile and lean startup to business model design, ideation and change management – we offer a wide range of company and department workshops and trainings to your executives and intrapreneurs.

We equip your employees with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to drive change and create impactful, customer centric solutions. Our innovation experts and devoted coaches will inspire new ways of thinking and train your employees to become innovation champions. Our workshops are enabling them not only to adapt to change but indeed to create and thrive on it.

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There is a need to know what is going on in your own industry, the local ecosystem, and the world.

In terms of business performance, we compile reports designed to examine an assessment of a specific topic, set of circumstances, or financial operations. We provide both general reports on topics such as emerging technologies, market dynamics in global innovation ecosystems, or current investor behavior, as well as specific reports with information and insights tailored to your business.

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