Singapore – the Silicon Valley of Asia?

25. September 2021

When thinking of THE place to start a business, San Francisco and its Silicon Valley typically come into one’s mind. Worldwide giants as Apple and Google being founded there, great minds bringing all kinds of technologies and inventions to life, startups working and growing together successfully – that’s the image you get of Silicon Valley. A picture-perfect startup ecosystem. But what about Singapore?

Singapore – perfectly located, well connected

Singapore’s strength as a startup hub also lies in its geographical location in the middle of Southeast Asia and its ties to surrounding economies. Singapore is part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, an intergovernmental organization promoting facilitated economic cooperation between the member states.

Further, a number of highly ranked universities contribute to their first-class startup infrastructure. The NUS as well as NTU and SMU offer access to some of the world’s biggest, diverse talents, raised and taught to become entrepreneurs. The melting pot of cultures has also contributed to bringing together open-minded people with different backgrounds who tackle every problem that they encounter. All in all, alongside with political, educational and geographical infrastructures, Singapore is very well suited to replace Silicon Valley as number one startup hub.